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Bed and Breakfast Twirrewyn is situated two kilometres west of Leeuwarden in the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands. For the exact location and directions click here.

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The surrounding Area

To give you an impression of the surroundings of Twirrewyn, you will find information about the city of Leeuwarden, the Greidhoeke, the Frisian lakes and the Wadden Sea in the information provided below. Leeuwarden and the Greidhoeke are quickly accessible by bicycle and by boat. Grou at the Pikmeer and Terherne at the Sneekermeer can be reached within 20 minutes by car. The Wadden Islands Terschelling and Vlieland can be reached quickly via Harlingen with the express ferry for an inspiring day trip. From train station Deinum (1.5 km) you can reach Harlingen Harbour station, which is located next to the ferry terminal, in half an hour.

The Greidhoeke

Twirrewyn is located on the edge of the Greidhoeke, the meadow area between the cities of Leeuwarden (Ljouwert), Sneek (Snits), Bolsward (Boalsert) and Harlingen (Harns). You have to see, smell, hear and feel the Greidhoeke. In the Greidhoeke you will experience the four seasons optimally. In spring you can enjoy the lapwings tumbling down and the budding nature. On hot summer days you can paddle on your bike along ever tranquil cycle paths or take your boat along the numerous canals past tranquil villages. In autumn it is a pleasure when the wind pulls at your coat during a long walk while the most fantastic skies on the horizon chase you past. And in winter the Greidhoeke is the area where you can skate if king winter is in our favour. From Twirrewyn the Greidhoeke is more than worth discovering on foot, by boat or bicycle.


Kaatsen is an important sport in the Greidhoeke. In almost all villages there is an active kaatsenclub where boys, girls, men and women play kaatsen. In spring and summer the villages organize kaatsen matches where the honour of their own village has to be kept high. The most important matches are the PC for men in Franeker (Frjentsjer), the PC for women in Weidum and the Freulepartij for boys in Wommels. More information can be found on the site of the KNKB.

Fierljeppen is a Frisian summer sport in which the aspects of top sport and strength are indispensable. The goal is to jump over a ditch as far as possible with the help of a vaulting pole. The jumper takes a strong sprint and jumps into the pole that is ready in the water. The jumper then climbs as quickly as possible to the top of the vaulting pole and sets off hard to land as far as possible across the water. The athlete who covers the greatest distance from the ramp to the first imprint in the sand bed wins. More information and how to fierljep yourself? Click here.

There are four cities in the Greidhoeke that are well worth a visit. Get to know Harlingen (Harns) and enjoy the historic town centre, the hustle and bustle of the inner harbour or take a walk on the long pier with views on Vlieland and Terschelling. Visit Franeker (Frjentsjer) with the world famous Planetarium of Eise Eisinga. Sneek (Snits) is of course not to be missed as a wellknown water sports city. Who in The Netherlands doesn't know the Sneekweek? And Bolsward (Boalsert) is also well worth a visit.


The many small villages in the Greidhoeke are interconnected by narrow (shipping) roads and quiet cycling and walking paths. Near Twirrewyn you will find the school records museum in Deinum. From Deinum you cycle inside to Jorwert where the autor Geert Mak wrote the book "Hoe God verdween uit Jorwerd" and where every year in the late summer the, in Friesland world famous, iepenloftspul is performed. While you are in Jorwert we advise you to have a cup of coffee in the local pub Het Wapen van Baarderadeel. Wiuwert is known in the Greidhoeke for the four mummies in the crypt of the church. It is still not scientifically proven how it is possible that the bodies have been preserved so well since 1609. The crypt is a mystery and houses the secret of Wiuwert.


As the capital of the province of Friesland, Leeuwarden has a lot to offer. The city has a rich cultural offer and in the culinary field there is something for everyone. The city has a long history which can be seen back in the historic city centre. In 2018 Leeuwarden has put itself on the national and international map as the Cultural Capital of Europe. But also nowadays there is a lot to do in the city. Click here for the current offer and let yourself be surprised. From Twirrewyn the city centre is only 4 kilometres away by bike. You'll be there in no time!


When it comes to Culture, Leeuwarden has a lot to offer. The city has beautiful museums such as the Natuurmuseum Friesland, the ceramics museum Prinsessehof, Aquazoo and of course the Fries Museum. And of course Leeuwarden is known for its festivals of which "Welcome to the Village" is perhaps the best known.

Culinary delights

You can indulge yourself in culinary delights in Leeuwarden. The city has many cafés and restaurants with a worldwide variety. Whether you're looking for an eatery or prefer to eat à la carte, you'll find what you're looking for in Leeuwarden. In the summer it is a must to walk through the Prinsentuin after dinner with a delicious ice cream in your hand from one of the ice cream parlours in the city.

You will discover the history of Leeuwarden in the way that suits you best. On the water, in a gondola, on a bicycle or just walking. Enthusiastic city guides will be happy to tell you passionately about their favourite spot or the most beautiful street. Discover them all and experience the beauty of Leeuwarden.


When it comes to sports, there is plenty of choice. Practice your climbing skills at climbing wall Noardwand or pull your lanes at swimming pool De Blauwe Golg. In autumn and winter the Elfstedenhal is the place to be for ice skating. Golf lovers can practise their skills at the Leeuwarder Golfclub.

The Frisian lakes

Important attractions of Friesland are the Frisian lakes, which attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. Although Twirrewyn is not directly in the lake district, you can be in Grou at the Pikmeer within 20 minutes. Also Eernewoude in national park De Alde Feanen can be reached within 20 minutes. A visit to the Skûtsjemuseum is a must. From Twirrewyn you can also easily reach the Sneekermeer.

The Pikmeer

The Pikmeer near Grou is located in the middle of the Frisian water sports area. All the lakes in Friesland are easily accessible from Grou. Grou is a village where there is a lot to do during the water sports season. There is a wide range of restaurants and bars so you can share all your experiences with each other after sailing.

The Alde Feanen

Earnewâld is a small village in the Alde Feanen national park where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of this area. Take a canoe, a whistler boat or a bicycle and marvel at the large number of storks.

The Sneekermeer

The Sneekermeer near Sneek is well known to everyone in the Netherlands because of the Sneekweek. At the Sneekermeer there are several water sport villages such as Terherne and Terkaple. Around the Sneekermeer there are many possibilities to rent a sailboat or motorboat.

The Wadden Area
Twirrewyn is located in the municipality of Waadhoeke, a beautiful rural municipality directly near the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea with its lovely islands and mudflats is probably one of the most beautiful nature reserves in The Netherlands. The Wadden area has something magical. Here you can still be all alone; only with the wind, the sand and the sea.

The island of Terschelling is great! Terschelling has a beautiful nature in which you can spend hours and hours. The view from a dune on the Noordsvaarder on the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and Vlieland is breathtaking. Terschelling has a beautiful nature in which you can spend hours. Spending hours walking along the tide line with a view of the surf gives peace and quiet. Terschelling is internationally renowned for its culture. Every year it is a pleasure to be on Oerol! If you are staying in Twirrewyn for several days, it is possible to make a daytrip to Terschelling.

Vlieland is the island where peace is written in capital letters. Because the island is car-free you will have little trouble with passing fast traffic. The village of Oostvlieland is very picturesque. You will find everything you need there. From the village you can quickly walk to the beautiful marina. From the marina you can walk onto the beach and around the island on the east side. The arriving yachts enter just along the beach and sometimes have to face a strong current. Vlieland has beautiful nature and the Vliehors is a true experience. Here you are alone in beautiful surroundings where the North Sea and the Wadden Sea sometimes almost touch each other. When the weather is clear, the Texel lighthouse is easy to see. Vlieland also has a rich cultural offer. Every year the festival Into The Great Wide Open is organised. Vlieland is easily accessible for a day trip.

The nature in the Wadden Sea area is very diverse. Beautiful dune areas turn into forests and heathland. Meadows touch the mudflats of the Wadden Sea. Deep channels in which the water swirls beside dry benches on which seals lie in the sun. In the distance, the sky is coloured dark by thousands of birds that are driven away from their feeding grounds by the tide. On the website www.beleefdewaddennatuur.nl you will find a lot of information about nature in the wadden region.

To really get to know the mudflats, mudflatwalkig is of course the ultimate experience. Enjoy the sounds of the mudflats while your feet sink into the mud or leave their tracks over a hard sandbank that is erased by the rising tide. In Friesland there are possibilities to go mudflat walking like in Paesens-Moddergat near the sea dyke. From Twirrewyn you can get there by car in about 40 minutes.



A stay at Twirrewyn is actually only complete when you explore the area with our 4.5-metre steel Kamper boat. You don't have to row because the boat is powered by an excellent outboard engine. You can rent the boat for a whole day for 25,= euro. Of course the fuel costs are for your own account. But of course you can also bring your own boat. Over a kilometre away is a slipway where you can put your boat in the water for free. After 10 minutes of sailing you can moor your own boat, free of charge, ashore at Twirrewyn. The sailing area is immense. With a small boat you don't suffer from bridges and after more than two hours you over the beautiful Zwette you are in Sneek. But also the picturesque Harlingen can be reached in about 2 hours sailing. But maybe you would like to make a nice daytrip over narrow quiet canals. Sail via the Bolswarder canal to Baard and Easterlittens where you can enjoy a delicious lunch. Via Wjelsryp you sail back to Twirrewyn. Or you sail on to Leeuwarden to enjoy a nice meal at one of the many restaurants. At the Blokhuispoort you can even moor your boat at the restaurant. Of course you will be given a watermap so that you can actually lie in your "own" bed in the evening.

Your accommodation is located directly on the Deinumer canal which is connected to the Van Harinxma canal and the Engelumer canal. At Twirrewyn you can fish from your own terrace, but of course it is also lovely to try your luck on a beautiful fishing spot with our steel Kamper boat in the early morning or at sunset . In the autumn the pike and zander fishermen are very active around Twirrewyn.

Supping is a fairly new sport. We see more and more suppers passing by our house. People standing on a supboard, moving themselves with a long paddle. With such a Stand Up Paddle board you can go in all directions from Twirrewyn; a round of Marsum, a trip to Deinum or Leeuwarden or just practise the supboard in front of your own terrace! For the enthusiast we have a supboard available for the modest amount of 10,= euro per day. Have fun! Supping is accessible for everyone, accessible and easy to learn. The big advantage of the supboard is that you can really enjoy the view and use your whole body to keep your balance and move yourself forward. The ideal training to increase your core stability and endurance. Whether you're training hard for a competition or enjoying the surroundings, the sport has something for everyone.

Canoeing from Twirrewyn is a wonderful experience. Low by the water you glide silently through the water. Suddenly you hear a splash in the water. You look up and just see the back of a pike shoot away. Or was it a grebe after all? Your paddles go steadily through the water while you enjoy all the life you see in the levee. When you take a bend you suddenly see a couple of cows drinking. They look at you from up close without emotion while their jaws continue to grind. With a canoe it is nice to stay on small and narrow waters. From Twirrewyn you can explore an unknown area with your own canoe. Here you can still find the peace and quiet that is missed in large parts of the world. But it is also very well possible to paddle over to Leeuwarden with your own canoe. Glide right through the city centre to a terrace by the water.
Moor in the Prinsentuin and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the most beautiful marina in the Netherlands.

From Twirrewyn you actually walk straight into nature. Twirrewyn is located directly at walking junction 42. From this junction you can make beautiful nature trips, but a city walk is also very nice to do from our B&B. The city is only 2 km away! To enjoy nature you walk to Deinum and via a footpath through the meadows you reach Blessum. From Blessum you walk along a beautiful path through the Frisian meadows to Hoptille. Across the bridge in Hoptille you turn left along the water to Baard. You are then at junction 33. In a little while you'll be in Jorwerd through which you walk in the direction of Hesens. At junction 22 you turn right to Hilaard. You continue to Boksum and you are already close to Ritsumasyl. Well, there are so many beautiful walking routes to make. Click here to make your own route.

Twirrewyn is situated directly on beautiful cycle paths that take you past nice villages and the most beautiful landscapes. On the way you will sometimes come across a bird house from where you can admire the Frisian meadow birds such as the lapwing and the black-tailed godwit. Many cycle paths run along the many canals that the area has. While meandering you cycle through the Frisian nature and experience how the many cows stare at you from up close. Most villages have a villagecafe where you can often have a delicious lunch. Twirrewyn is located at cycling junction 77 from where you can plan your own cycling route via this site of the ANWB. Of course we also know exactly where you can cycle beautifully in the immediate vicinity. You can bring your own bike and electric bikes can be charged for free in our garage. Twirrewyn does not (yet) rent out bicycles.

If you need more information about our Bed and Breakfast or if you want to make a booking, please use our contact form here.

We hope to welcome you soon at Twirrewyn!

With heartfelt greetings,
Annette and Kees